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Ministry Description

Are you looking for a ministry to join?
Do you love people, do you have the gift of helps?
Do you think you would enjoy being a greeter or usher?
Well, you can be blessed by joining... the Hospitality Ministry!

We also build our relationships with one another by doing at least one event from each of the following categories throughout the year:

  • Outreach (going out & serving with other organizations, such as COTSGleaners, etc.)

  • Hangout (intentionally making time to have fun together by doing things like bowling, “Painting With A Twist”, flea markets, BibleWalk, etc.)

  • Fellowship (breaking bread together through potlucks, restaurants, prayer breakfasts, etc.)

This not only grows relationship among us, it also creates a safe space for us to share and care for one another in ways that we wouldn’t be able to if we had not engaged outside of the church building.



The mission of the Hospitality Ministry is to serve the Lord through serving His people. Hospitality welcomes disciples and guests into the sanctuary with a warm smile and a Spirit of Love. Hospitality provides church bulletins, assists with seating, keeps the sanctuary in an orderly fashion, ensures envelopes are available and provides comfort and information to disciples and guests. Hospitality is committed and serves in whatever capacity is required and believes “a true servant is loyal and obedient to the Master—even when it’s not convenient.”


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